Publication Day Is Here!

It’s finally, finally Publication Day! That novel I’ve been writing for such a ridiculously long time was finally birthed this morning. Here are some vital stats:

The Brewer's JusticeName: The Brewer’s Justice
Birth Date: February 23, 2016
Hospital: Amazon
Location: Cyberspace
Mother’s address:
Exact length of pregnancy: Unknown, but way, way too long
Where you can see the baby for yourself: The Brewer’s Justice on Amazon

If we’re personally acquainted or you’ve read the book info on my website, you probably know that The Brewer’s Justice is the story of American brewer Brad Peters who partners with a wealthy Mexican friend to open an upscale brewpub in Monterrey, Mexico. There’s only one problem: the local drug cartel wants a piece of the action—and that one problem changes Brad’s life big time.

Mexican media reports on cartel mayhem

Spanish news reports from my research file

English news reports from my research file

English news reports from my research file

The novel got its start because I hoped to get mainstream Americans thinking more about how profoundly the rise of the drug cartels has impacted Mexicans at every socio-economic level, almost on a daily basis. Night time social activities, weddings and parties for example, no longer last as late as they traditionally have. Late-night serenades are fading, and our family tries to arrange car and plane travel so we’re not on the road after about 9:00 p.m. The incidents that protagonist Brad Peters experiences or hears about in the novel are all too real.

A sample of Joyce Krieg's edits

A sample of Joyce Krieg’s edits

The Brewer’s Justice was birthed with a lot of help from a wonderful team. The story wouldn’t be what it is without the help of formidable editor Joyce Krieg who didn’t hesitate to let me know when something wasn’t working. Joyce’s red-inked comments made the story a lot stronger. My professional connection with graphic designer and homebrewer Steve Zmak started with a headshot in a local brewery, then developed into designing the book cover, bookmarks that look like tap handles, business cards and the lovely tulip glass and pen logo for my website and blog, “Not My Father’s Beer.”

Shooting lesson with Gerald Jones

Shooting lesson with Gerald Jones

There were some great early readers, in addition to Joyce Krieg, who provided lots of important feedback, including Colorado maltster and author Dave Thomas, author and blogger Liz Crowe and friend Laura Emerson. Writing the book led to some interesting lessons, like the morning at the firing range with Gerald Jones and Christina Sierra-Jones. I still have the bullet-riddled target as a souvenir of the day I practiced firing a Beretta and a rifle. Finally, Patricia Hamilton, of Park Place Publications, guided me through the last stages to publication.

There were many more people who helped along the way, and you can read more about them in the acknowledgements at the end of the book. If you want to read more about the book itself and the writing journey, Liz Crowe, aka the A2 Beer Wench, generously published a great review and interview with me this morning on her blog. I’m also indebted to Liz for the book’s first review on Amazon. If you read The Brewer’s Justice and like it, I’d love to have your Amazon review, too. Don’t be intimidated by Liz’s snappy writing skills. Just write a short blurb about what you enjoyed.

You can order The Brewer’s Justice from Amazon, Kindle version $4.99 and paperback $12.95. If you’re on the Monterey Peninsula, contact me for a signed copy.

Love Brewing by Liz Crowe

Love Brewing by Liz Crowe

A final shout-out for Liz and Dave!



  1. Congratulations Leslie!! Now, how do I taste all the beers brewed in the book?

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