A Day in the Life of Ms. PDX

PDX theaterEverybody knows Portland, Oregon is the city of roses, insane traffic, fabulous craft beer and uber cool people. But what’s a typical day really like for the average Portlander?

I’ve traveled to the hippest city in the Pacific Northwest (sorry, Seattle), seven times in the last year and a half. Here’s my take.

Ms. PDX starts a typical morning pulling up the hood on her trusty raincoat, grabbing an umbrella from the considerable collection in the closet of her condo, and ducking into the drizzle on her way to the mass transit stop.

Minutes later, when the bus/MAX train arrives, she squeezes in, along with all the other ecologically-minded citizens and their dripping umbrellas. On those rare and glorious sunny days, Ms. PDX pedals to her high-tech job on a bike that probably cost more than your first car.

PDX biking to work

After two or three productive hours on the new company-issued laptop, she breaks to run out for her daily shot of kombucha or 100% organic fair-trade Central American espresso.

For lunch, she and a coworker head to yoga or the Belizean chicken food cart. In the latter case, she orders and hands her credit card to the smiling cashier who swipes or inserts it in the Square reader. With a brief finger scribble, our girl signs the iPad touch screen, and she’s good to go or, in this case, enjoy her coconut-curried rice and beans.

PDX Belizean food cart

After work, it’s back to the condo and her adoring cat, who cuts his effusive greeting short as soon as she drops a dollop of wet food in his bowl. But her friends and significant other await.

Hungry and ready to relax, she Ubers to the trendy brewpub and her friends. For dinner she orders roasted Brussel sprouts and marinated pork sliders which make a killer pairing for the newly tapped barrel-aged Belgian saison the server recommends.

PDX pub dinner with friends

The beer is terrific, the conversation awesome, the vibe totally on point. The evening flies by, and all too soon, it’s time to Uber home.

PDX sleeping cat

And that, friends, is a typical day in the life of a Portlander. Alas, if you’re dreaming of moving to PDX, sorry, the city filled up several thousand people ago.

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