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Beer BibleJeff Alworth is a busy man these days. When he’s at home in Portland, Oregon, he might be working on a magazine article or his latest book-in-progress, writing a post for his popular Beervana blog, recording a Beervana podcast with partner Patrick Emerson, tweeting @Beervana, posting on his Beer Bible Facebook page or trying to accommodate interview requests from beer writers and bloggers.

Lately, Alworth has also been spending a lot of time traveling the country to promote The Beer Bible, his long-awaited 644-page masterpiece that came out August 11. He actually finished writing the book in 2013—and promptly started on Cider Made Simple: All About Your New Favorite Drink, which was published on September 15.

Alworth at Powell's, Beaverton, OR

Alworth at Powell’s, Beaverton, OR

The Beer Bible is accumulating stellar reviews on Amazon. The most popular one was posted by John Holl, editor of All About Beer magazine. The review was actually written by British beer writer Pete Brown for the September issue of the magazine. Brown concludes saying, “It’s a delight to find a book about beer that covers the subject in such breadth and depth at the same time as making it seem fresh and new again.”

This week, Alworth is taking his tour to Colorado. He’ll swing by breweries in Boulder and Fort Collins for book signings before dropping in at the Book Bar in Denver and the Book Pen at the 2015 Great American Beer Festival, the largest beer fest in America. He’ll hit Phoenix on the way home.

Leslie with Jeff Alworth after his Beaverton talk

Leslie with Jeff Alworth after his Beaverton talk

I was fortunate to catch Alworth at Powell’s Books in Beaverton, Oregon where he related to a group of some 25 admirers that it took him quite a while to decide how to organize a book on such a huge topic that is constantly evolving. He finally settled on an introductory section (75 pages), “Knowing Beer,” and then organizing the styles into ales, wheat beers, lagers, tart and wild ales. He wraps up with a final section, titled “Enjoying Beer” and a thick Appendixes of nearly 50 pages. Alworth’s down-to-earth manner seemed to encourage people to ask questions, as the Q&A went on a good while. Afterwards, he chatted with fans and signed books for another half hour.

Later, my companion said that she felt like she’d sat in on a college lecture by a very organized professor. With his knowledge and personality, Alworth would, no doubt, make a good college instructor. For now, though, he has plenty on his plate. The manuscript of his next book is due at the publisher’s on December 1. In 2016, he’ll start penning a monthly column in the print version of All About Beer where he already blogs weekly online.

If you want to try to catch this busy man, click here for a list of cities he’ll be touring this fall.

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