What People are Saying about The Brewer’s Justice

The Brewer's Justice

“If you are into the craft brewing scene, this craft brewer’s story woven with reality will captivate you.  An authentic read capturing imagined and real day to day lives of craft brewer’s passion.” —Charlie Papazian, author of Complete Joy of Homebrewing and founder of the Great American Beer Festival

“The first book I’ve read that accurately combines the intricacy of the beer industry with a plot you want to see to the end. Beer lovers will appreciate the small details and fiction fans will learn a thing or two.”–Bryan Roth, freelance journalist and award-winning writer at thisiswhyimdrunk.wordpress.com

The Brewer’s Justice is as invigorating as a crisp lager, yet has the depth of a boozy stout. It takes you into a convincing world of independent brewing and adds a splash of danger that gets richer with every chapter.”–Will Siss, Beer Snob columnist and author of Connecticut Beer

“A whale, in beer geek vernacular, signifies a rare and very much desired craft beer. The Brewer’s Justice is very much a literary whale within a sea of beer related books (that tend to be more of the technical/historical fashion).”–Matthew Sligar, brewer/blogger of Writer’s Block Brewing, featuring the series uBrew+iReview

“If you want to delve into the world of brewing, this one’s for you. And a good read if you want to go behind the headlines about Mexico’s drug situation.”–Claudia Menendez, reporter for The Monterey Herald and author of A Fighting Chance

“Mexican drug cartels, extortion, kidnapping, intrigue and craft beer! What’s not to like? Muy bueno!”–Dave Thomas, Colorado craft brewer, author of The Craft Malsters Handbook and Of Mines and Beer!

“Edge of your seat action with a delicious brewery backdrop!”–Liz Crowe, best-selling author of Paradise Hops and brewery marketing consultant, www.lizcrowe.com


At what point does doing the right thing become more important than brewing the best beer? And what if doing the right thing could lead to tragic consequences for the people you love?

While twenty-seven-year-old Brad Peters works the graveyard shift at a major U.S. brewery, he dreams of having the money and freedom to create his own brews. When an old college buddy offers Brad the chance to be brewmaster and partner in a new, upscale brewpub in Monterrey, Mexico, Brad jumps at the opportunity. They have every ingredient for success, including an underserved market thirsty for Monterrey Brewing Company beers. The only thing they didn’t factor into the recipe was a drug cartel muscling in on the action. As Brad’s reputation grows, so do the cartel’s demands on the business and its successful brewer. How long–and how much–will Brad pay until he finally says no to a ruthless Mexican cartel?

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