Another Beer Blog?

At Santa Cruz Ale Works, Santa Cruz, California

Santa Cruz Ale Works, Santa Cruz, California

In 2000, beer-related blogs were a fresh idea, but 2015 is a whole other story. There are more beer blogs on the internet than brewpubs in Portland, Oregon. So why one more beer-centric blog?

Because 1) never in the history of the United States, have the numbers of brewers and consumers of their products been so large or so diverse, and 2) I’m aiming to kick-start a genre of literature that, for now, I call “brew fiction”—novels with scenes set in brewpubs and plots that revolve around brewer protagonists thwarted by everybody from Mother Nature to short cash flows to criminals.

Over the last forty years, the craft beer movement has grown from an oddity to a hugely popular part of American culture. According to a December, 2014 press release from the Brewers Association, “38 percent of households bought a craft beer in the last year versus 29 percent in 2010. Additionally, women consume almost 32 percent of craft beer volume, almost half of which comes from women ages 21-34. Hispanic populations are demonstrating increased craft engagement as well.”

Pearl Beer

My father and his buddies of half a century ago who drank Jax and Pearl would be blown away by those statistics—and by many of today’s West Coast IPAs.

I’m not an expert beer writer. If you want to read what some of those talented writers with decades of experience produce, see the names I mention on my homepage. I’m writing for people who aren’t necessarily experts but who really enjoy drinking a good craft beer and reading about the culture. Here on my blog, I’ll write about beer-themed topics for non-experts and, each week, post a new episode of “The Brewer’s Backstory.” These are short fictional vignettes about the life of Brad Peters, the protagonist of my forthcoming novel, The Brewer’s Justice. These posts highlight events in Brad life before the beginning of the novel. Eventually, they’ll form a prequel to The Brewer’s Justice.

I love to hear from readers. What do you think? Is it time for “brew fiction”? I encourage you to comment here on the blog, like my Facebook page, email me ( And come back next week to read about what became of Jax, Pearl and the other beers my father drank.

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