About Leslie

Headshot, Peter B's, Monterey, California, January 2015I love travel and good beer!

I grew up in Austin, Texas with a father who lived for road trips, so I thought it was perfectly normal to be packed into the back seat between siblings and driven 500 miles a day. I quickly discovered that, excluding the fights between sibs, I was as passionate as Dad about travel. Since those early trips, I’ve ventured a lot further from home than Dad ever did. I’ve been fortunate to eat fabulous empanadas in Buenos Aires pizzerias, stroll Havana’s Malecón, watch the sunrise at the Taj Mahal and backpack 460 miles across northern Spain on the Camino de Santiago. I’ve lived and traveled in Mexico, a country I love, for over forty-five years.

When it comes to beer, my first exposure came from—who else?—my father. Dad drank mostly Pearl, Jax and Schlitz. (Hence the name of my blog, “Not My Father’s Beer.”) I never did develop a real taste for them or any of the other macro lagers of yesterday. After I married Hugo, a professional brewer and Monterrey, Mexico native, I learned to appreciate how wonderfully a fresh Bohemia compliments a plate of tacos al carbón. Eventually, we landed in Denver, where I taught Spanish, Hugo worked at Coors and we raised our two daughters. I have fond memories of hot dogs and cold beers on summer evenings at Coors Field and barbeques with beers and friends. But I still wasn’t a regular beer drinker.

Then I discovered craft beer. What a journey of enlightenment it’s been!  Today, I compare drinking a macro lager purchased at the local grocery store to listening to a three-piece band on a CD. Drinking that same lager fresh at its source is like hearing the band live. And experiencing an exceptional craft brew fresh, say a Pliny the Elder straight from the tap in Santa Rosa, well, it’s Beethoven’s 5th at Carnegie Hall.

An inveterate bibliophile, I read all types brewing-related literature—books, magazines, blogs, websites, news stories. I engage Hugo and beer friends in long beer-centric discussions. I eagerly plan for and execute our homebrewing exploits. I enjoy following the adventures of my Twitter friends, who are almost exclusively beer bloggers and beer geeks.

Today, Hugo and I live in Monterey, California where books on beer and brewing abound, and the fridge always holds an assortment of good beer—craft, our own homebrew, that of friends, and, yes, even a macro now and then.